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04 December 2013

Its a thought Changing and Life Changing Story

Believe In yourself (Self-Confidence is More Powerful than God)

A Businessman was deep in debt and could not see any way out.
Creditors and Suppliers were demanding payments. He sat in the
park, deep in thought, wondering if anything could save his company from bankruptcy.

Suddenly an old man appeared before him and asked, “I can see that something is troubling you seriously”.

After listening patiently the old man said, “I believe I can help you”.

He asked the man his name, wrote out a cheque and put it into his hands saying, “Take this money, meet me here exactly one year from today… and you can pay me back at that time”.

Then he turned and disappeared as quickly as he had come.

The businessman saw in his hands a cheque for $ 500,000… signed by Warren Buffet, one of the richest men in the world.

“I can erase my worries instantly” he realized. But instead, the man decided to put the uncashed cheque in his safe, knowing that it might give him the strength to work out to save his
business and to use this only in case of dire emergency.

With changed thinking he negotiated better deals, restructured his business and worked rigorously with full zeal and enthusiasm and got several big deals. Within few months, he was out of debt
and started making money once again.

Exactly one year later he returned to the park with the un cashed cheque.

As agreed, the old man appeared.

But just as the businessman was about to hand him back the cheque and share his success story, a nurse came running up and grabbed the old man.

“I’m so glad I caught him” she cried. “I hope he hasn’t been bothering you much. He always escapes from the mental hospital and tells people that he is Warren Buffet”, saying this she took the old man away.

The surprised man just stood there, stunned!

All year long he had been dealing thinking that he had half a million dollars behind him… Its not the money, real or imagined
that turns our life around.

It is our Self-confidence that gives us the power to achieve anything & everything that we want

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18 June 2012

10 Tips for a Successful Meeting With The Boss


Maybe you work one-on-one with the head honcho every day or perhaps you only get a face-to-face on the very rare occasion. Whenever you get the chance to sit down and have a meeting with the big guns, it's best to make it as productive as possible. It's also a chance to show your stuff and leave a lasting impression of who you are and what you have to offer. Here's 10 ways to help you do that.
  1. Ask for an agenda prior to the meeting - If there’s not one available, offer to create one to help keep the meeting focused and on track. If the meeting is less formal than that, be sure the goal of the meeting is at least spoken out loud and agreed upon by both of you. Knowing the goal of the meeting you can then gather any appropriate documentation you might need to take with you. For example, if the meeting is to review your performance and discuss a possible promotion, you would want to bring copies of letters from clients complimenting you on your work, a table showing your recent sales and the impact they had on your team, etc.

  2. Dress to impress - Not much needs to be said about this one except that it is more important than you probably think. Even if the normal dress at your company is fairly casual, step it up a few notches. You want your boss to take notice. You should look better than you do on a regular basis.

  3. Take notes during the meeting - This shows that you are listening and that you plan to review what was discussed later. It also indicates that you are already considering the follow up that will be done after the meeting. The notes are handy for exactly this reason. You may come out of the meeting with a list of action items that you will need to remember to take care of in the future.

  4. Show enthusiasm and positivity - Plain and simple. Just like you do for a job interview, put on the shiny-happy hat. Yes, it's true that sometimes you have to address a complaint, and in that case see number 5….

  5. Bring solutions - Never enter a meeting with a complaint that you don't have at least one solution for. I know this is difficult but how are you going to enter a meeting with your boss, hand him a problem and then say "you work it out"? He's going to throw it right back to you and ask what you think the answer is. Go in prepared. In my opinion, you should take 2 or 3 possible solutions. If you are absolutely stuck, you must express that you've given the topic much consideration and ruled out several possible solutions in the process. At least then you've shown the effort.

  6. Build rapport - Make a connection with your boss. This is going to vary for every situation but try to show a little personality. Most people in a leadership position have great social personalities. You just have to coax it out of them sometimes. If you know their favorite ball team, comment on how they've been doing. If you know they play golf, ask how their game is doing. If they like jazz, tell them about a new jazz band you heard recently. Do your research and be prepared for a little small talk.

  7. Show vision - Don't be afraid to voice big ideas. Show your understanding (or curiosity) for the bigger picture. Don't limit yourself by sticking topics related only to your job. Show broad interest and they'll start looking at you as a potential future leader.

  8. Ask clarification questions - Don't ever - and I mean EVER - say that you understand something if you don't. I can't stress this enough. It's like the episode of Seinfeld when George is working on a project for his boss and he has no idea what it is. George didn't hear him but then acted like he understood the assignment. Next thing he knew, he was in charge of something that was a complete mystery. Excellent episode. But also very true. People always nod and go along with things in a meeting thinking that later they can figure it out. Don't leave that office with questions. I have learned that the hard way. So now, I ask questions and then, before I leave, I restate what we've discussed and accomplished.

  9. Send thanks - Either by email, mail or with a telephone call, let your boss know you appreciate the time they spent with you. Whatever is most appropriate. I see my boss everyday and meet with him everyday but if we have a special one-on-one, I make sure to say thank you at the end of the day to reinforce that I know it was out of the ordinary and I appreciate the time.

  10. Follow up - If you leave with a list of action items, try to establish agreed upon dates when they should be accomplished. Then, follow through and meet that deadline. I used to work with someone who talked big during meetings and then never followed through. So meetings became pointless. Don't let this happen and think your boss won't notice. He'll notice. He might not approach the topic but he'll notice.

30 May 2012

How to Free Yourself From Excess Work

Stress is the inevitable by-product of the high-powered lives we live. Most of the time, there’s little we can do to even-out the pressure, right? Wrong, say stress-management experts. Your boss, for example, who manages to juggle work, home, and personal fitness, or super-productive employeeswho never seem to lose their composure. How do they do it?

Step 1: Make a list of all the things you have to do.

Take an hour out for yourself, order yourself a tall, sinfully-indulgent chocolate latte, and type out all the tasks you have to accomplish in the immediate future. All your activities, from business to leisure. Don’t write it out…typing will help you sort and order better. Write the completion deadline beside each task, and then sort tasks with the most urgent at the top.

Step 2: Remove to a separate list all the items that nobody but you can perform

This part of the list should contain high impact mainly work-related tasks that are your responsibility or those that require your expertise to perform. If you can delegate the task, it cannot make this list. These are things that will severely impact your business, or non-postponeable personal commitmentslike your partner’s birthday celebration. Let’s call this one List A.

07 March 2012

Things your MOBILE PHONE could do In Emergency, Must Read!

There are a few things that can be  done in times of grave emergencies.
Your mobile phone can actually be a life saver or an emergency tool for survival.
 Check out the things that you can do with it:
The Emergency Number worldwide for  Mobile   is 112.
 If you find yourself out of the coverage area of  your mobile; network and there is an emergency,  dial 112 and the mobile will search any existing  network to establish the emergency number

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